InterWeave Studio 2.0 IDE will soon be released.


InterWeave Studio IDE 2.0 is a development and testing environment based on Eclipse. It supports the following features:

  • Creating a new InterWeave Studio 2.0 project in Eclipse
  • Creating a working InterWeave Studio 2.0 project in Eclipse based on InterWeave Studio 2.0 examples
  • Creating a new InterWeave Studio 2.0 configuration file with selected namespace declarations
  • Editing InterWeave Studio 2.0 configuration files
  • Integrated InterWeave Studio 2.0 schema auto-complete and documentation (using Eclipse-compatible XML editor with context-sensitive content assistant)
  • Switching between InterWeave Studio 2.0 distributions in a project
  • Running the InterWeave Studio 2.0 Server in Eclipse to test your InterWeave Studio 2.0 project
  • Debugging your InterWeave Studio 2.0 project in Eclipse
  • InterWeave Studio 2.0 IDE is compatible with any InterWeave Studio 1.2 or later community or enterprise InterWeave Studio 2.0 distribution.

The InterWeave Studio 2.0 IDE installation guide for instructions on installing it will soon be ready, followed by the user guide, which describes all the functionality in InterWeave Studio 2.0 IDE.