What a Year of Focus Looks Like at InterWeave – 2020

The year in focus – 2020 for InterWeave Smart Solutions. First, is a very large thank you to the entire team at InterWeave. Without them, we could not do what we do – every day for our customers.

Below is a few key accomplishments:

  • InterWeave Smart Solutions in “The Best Performing Salesforce Solution Providers in 2020” – TBD (coming soon)
  • InterWeave has been an Integration Partner with Salesforce since 2006.
  • The InterWeave Tax Solution for Salesforce continues to extend.
  • The InterWeave Client Portal supporting Order Management, Payments and Billing is available and being extended with Renewals, Collections, Revenue Recognitions and more.
  • The InterWeave Payment Portal now works with over 48 Merchant Service Providers in Salesforce
  • InterWeave is currently establishing a Canadian Corporation, to better serve their Canadian Clients and is looking to do the same in the UK.

We are excited about our reception from our new customers in 2020, even with the effects of Covid-19. The people that come to InterWeave know what they are looking for. What’s truly appreciated by the Clients who work with InterWeave; resources that can provide recommendations based not only on the knowledge of integrated systems process models, data architecture, data models, but the business logic of the transactions at a very detailed level.

I want to thank all of our customers, partners, VIPs — the entire, awesome Salesforce community — for embracing InterWeave in its work with Salesforce.

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