The Relationship between Sage, InterWeave and Salesforce.


InterWeave is the SmartIntegration Platform for CRM which provides intelligent Cloud Integration for SaaS Companies. We focus on three tenants; Financial Services Solutions, Payment Processors and Multi-Cloud integrations in a simple, configurable way. SaaS, SMB and Enterprise Customers manage their customer interactions with system specific business processes and workflow which provides an extraordinary customer experience.

Since 2006, InterWeave has been providing intelligent, intuitive Integration Solutions for all editions of Sage Accounting Systems for Salesforce.  This integration comes with a full complement of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Transaction Support in your Salesforce. This is real-time and in a configurable form.  InterWeave provides each Customer with the ability to Configure their Business Process and Workflow with their Integration, practically down to field level; unheard of in the industry. InterWeave gives you integration with the best-in-class cloud accounting software with the best-in-class Salesforce cloud CRM platform.  Now, seamless integration, alignment to improve productivity, fuel growth and accelerate revenue is possible.

With the Sage integration to Salesforce, your now provided a complete view of every customer, streamlined accounting workflows and a smarter quote-to-cash process.  The powerful combination of Sage and Salesforce promotes communication between Accounting and Sales, now that real-time integration provides information in both departments. \"\"With the InterWeave Configurable Solution, every Transaction Type in Sage – is available in Salesforce, if the customer wishes.  With InterWeave’s SmartIntegration customers are provided a SaaS, Hosted, real-time Solution that integrates Salesforce and Sage supporting the customers Business Process and Workflow. As Sales People like to work in Salesforce, and Accountants like to work in Sage, each may now work solely in their environment with constantly updating information about their Customers.  This real-time information allows the Sales Person to interact with their Customers in a very informed, intuitive way, with the best information available. The Accountant now has a complete, real-time picture of all transactions related to any given Customer.

In Salesforce, the InterWeave App is loaded into Salesforce as an Un-Managed Application.  The reason it’s an Un-Managed Application is our customers tend to work with both Standard and Custom Objects, so we load the Custom Sections and Fields to support the Integration, the Customers Business Processes and Workflows.  In this way we validate the Architecture the Customer has implemented, but it also gives us the opportunity to discuss and present “Best Practice” examples from the 8,000 Configurations and fourteen years we have specialized in Salesforce Integrations.  We typically engage with the Salesforce Administrator and Controller Accounting Manager of the Company in two or three online meetings to select which Accounts Receivable and Accounts or Payable Transactions they would like to replicate/integrate in their Salesforce.

InterWeave’s job is to move “Data at Rest” by indicator. So after a Customers Salesforce has applied the appropriate processes, etc. and indicates this data is ready to be integrated – this is when InterWeave goes to work.  The last step of the Configuration Process is the creation a Custom Management Dashboard which is created for each Customer detailing there objects to be integrated and the timing of those objects to be integrated. You can set the Integration for 5 minutes, 15 minutes or whenever you would like to schedule.

In addition, InterWeave has other Solutions that complement the Sage integration to Salesforce.

  • Salesforce Customer Portal
  • Salesforce Payment Gateway
  • Salesforce Field Service Lightening Salesforce to Sage
  • Salesforce (InsureView) Sage
  • Salesforce (Talent Rover, Job Science & Bullhorn) to Sage
  • InterWeave iOffice Solution
  • And quite a few more.

If you’re thinking of implementing your CRM Integration, let InterWeave Smart Solutions invite your team to work out ours. We only need a short online meeting to understand your requirements.  InterWeave Smart Solutions, providing Integration Solutions that helps your team work Smarter.  You can contact us at or at 203-274-5226 x1.

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