The Relationship between Intuit, Salesforce and InterWeave.


What is InterWeave?

InterWeave provides Intelligent Cloud Integration for SaaS Companies. Ok, so what does that mean.

InterWeave is the SmartIntegration Platform which provides intelligent Cloud Integration for SaaS Companies. We focus on three tenants; Financial Services Solutions, Payment Processors and Multi-Cloud integrations in a simple, configurable way. SaaS, SMB and Enterprise Customers manage their customer interactions with system specific business processes and workflow which provides an extraordinary customer experience.

What does InterWeave provide to its Customers?

Since 2006, InterWeave has been providing intelligent, intuitive Integration Solutions for Intuits Desktop and Online Accounting Systems, QuickBooks, with a full complement of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Transaction Support in Salesforce. This is real-time and in a configurable form. InterWeave provides each Customer with the ability to Configure their Business Process and Workflow in their Integration, practically down to field level; unheard of in the industry.

How does InterWeave work with Salesforce?

With Salesforce, the InterWeave App is loaded into Salesforce as an Un-Managed Application. The reason it’s an Un-Managed Application is our customers tend to work with both Standard and Custom Objects, so we load the Custom Sections and Fields to support the Integration, the Customers Business Processes and Workflows. In this way we validate the Architecture the Customer has implemented, but it also gives us the opportunity to discuss and present “Best Practice” examples from the 8,000 Configurations and fourteen years we have specialized in Salesforce Integrations. We typically engage with the Salesforce Administrator and Controller Accounting Manager of the Company in two or three online meetings to select which Accounts Receivable and Accounts or Payable Transactions they would like to replicate/integrate in their Salesforce. InterWeave’s job is to move “Data at Rest” by indicator. So after a Customers Salesforce has applied the appropriate processes, etc. and indicates this data is ready to be integrated – this is when InterWeave goes to work. The last step of the Configuration Process is the creation a Custom Management Dashboard which is created for each Customer detailing there objects to be integrated and the timing of those objects to be integrated. You can set the Integration for 5 minutes, 15 minutes or whenever you would like to schedule.

How does InterWeave work with QuickBooks?

With QuickBooks, InterWeave has the ability to work with any/all tables with both Standard and Custom Fields, and Advanced Inventory. InterWeave connects to QuickBooks with software that is in every edition of QuickBooks since the year 2000; QODBC (released in Read-Only form). We upgrade the license with Read/Write capability to support the Integration. This approach allows InterWeave to be out of the Connector business and focus only on the business of Integration. The Configurable Solution was developed to support every Transaction Type in QuickBooks – in Salesforce, if the customer wishes.

What is the benefit for our customers?

With InterWeave’s SmartIntegration with Salesforce, customers are provided a SaaS, Hosted, Real-time Solution that integrates Salesforce and QuickBooks supporting the customers Business Process and Workflow. As Sales People like to work in Salesforce, and Accountants like to work in QuickBooks, each may now work solely in their environment with constantly updating information about their Customers. This real-time information allows the Sales Person to interact with their Customers in a very informed, intuitive way, with the best information available. The Accountant now has a complete, real-time picture of all transactions related to any given Customer, and all Customers.

Does InterWeave provide other Solutions that compliment Salesforce?

Let’s take a look at the other Solutions that compliment real-time processing in Salesforce.

InterWeave’s Payment Gateway for Salesforce

  • Real-time, Scheduled and Recurring Payment and Subscription Management Payments with hosted, self-service Customer Portal integrated with your CRM.
  • With InterWeave Payment and Subscription management in your CRM, integrated with your InterWeave Customer Portal, you will be able to provide your customers all the flexibility they need to view their invoices online, update payment methods, and make payments while keeping everything organized and automated for you.
  • Supporting over 48 Merchant Service Providers payment methods including credit card, invoicing, ACH/EFT and more, InterWeave works with your CRM vendor and your Merchant Services Provider removes the security concerns for storing sensitive information and credit card information.

InterWeave’s Tax Solutions for Salesforce

  • The InterWeave Tax Solution for Salesforce works in the cloud, giving you a hands-free and worry free way to manage compliance. No other sales tax automation software comes close to providing the superior features and peace of mind of InterWeave.
    • Advanced tax calculator
      • Calculate guaranteed-accurate rates in every one of the 12,000+ jurisdictions in the United States — updates take effect instantly.
    • Support across your organization
      • Compliance in complex organizations is easier than ever, with full multiple-entity support for every location and department.
    • Product taxability
      • Thousands of sales tax rules, applied to every product in your catalog for accurate calculation in every jurisdiction.
      • Address validation
      • Automatic validation and correction ensures sales tax calculations are accurate to a house-by-house level.

InterWeave’s Field Service Lightening for Salesforce Integration

    • InterWeave Smart Solutions deliver powerful yet easy-to-use configurable Smart Solutions for our CRM Customers, allowing seamless integration of data, bi-directional from their Field Service Lightening Solution to Financial Applications, ACH Payment Gateway’s, and More.
    • Field Service Lightning is designed to connect your workforce and enable them to deliver intelligent and productive on-site service. … The software is part of the Salesforce Platform Service but is offered a standalone solution for employees and contractors.
    • Field Service Lightning is designed to connect your workforce and enable them to deliver intelligent and productive on-site service. It allows for faster delivery and smarter and more personalized service from the phone to the field on one platform. The field service management software helps you resolve field service calls faster, boost employee productivity in the field, automate appointment scheduling as well as manage schedulers, dispatchers, and technicians.

Insurvue for Salesforce Integration

    • InsureVue is an insurance policy management system built on the Salesforce platform.  InsureVue is used by managing general agencies and brokers to manage their specialty commercial property and casualty insurance products.
    • InsureVue automates the entire insurance workflow from initial submission to policy issuance.
      • Submissions – Details about each submission are stored including document attachments and e-mails.
      • Underwriting & quoting – Underwriting and quote details entered drive the creation of branded proposal documents.
      • Binding & issuing – Binding a policy records the financial details of the transaction and generates binders and policy documents.
      • Claims – Summarized claims details are tracked and tied to the policies they are related to.
      • Dashboards & reporting – Dashboards track key metrics on hit ratios, loss ratios, upcoming renewals, premium volume, etc. Reports allow bordereaux reports to be generated for underlying markets.

InterWeave’s Bullhorn Solution for Salesforce

    • Talent Rover makes staffing and recruitment software the way it should be: simple, mobile, devoted to increasing efficiency and profitability across the entire workflow. Built by recruiters for recruiters, Talent Rover eliminates tedious processes and repeat data entry so that recruiters can spend less time dealing with technology and more time making placements. The software combines sales (CRM), recruitment (ATS), human resources (HRIS) and back office in one cloud-based solution. Talent Rover also gives firms a competitive edge with real-time dashboards, recruitment-specific software integrations and the global capabilities of the Salesforce Platform. 

InterWeave’s Customer Payment Portal

The InterWeave Customer Payment Portal provides a secure SaaS, hosted environment, with seamless integration between the customers in your Salesforce and your Merchant Service Providers; allowing real time ACH/Credit Card and other types of payments to be integrated with your Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities/Orders and Product Objects—and then with your Financial Accounting System.

Customer Payment Portal Detail

The Customer Payment Portal
    • Enables small businesses, nonprofits and other organizations to accept online payments or donations.
    • Provides a secure, hosted payment acceptance portal that can be custom branded for any small business or nonprofit customer.
    • Requires a minimal amount of technical setup to link from an existing CRM or Web site.
    • Allows processing of a variety of payments
      • Single payments from a checking or savings account (processed as a Web ACH transaction).
      • Scheduled and Recurring payments from a checking or savings account (processed as Web ACH). Credit card payments – both single and recurring.
    • Enhances customer/donor convenience by allowing consumers to select the amount of the transaction.
    • Permits consumers to view information about past payments or donations for year-end tax filing or other purposes.
    • Utilizes the same authentication and permissions hierarchy as in their administration setup.
    • Streamlines payment processes and reduces paper use.

If you’re thinking of implementing your CRM Integration, let InterWeave Smart Solutions invite your team to work out ours. We only need a short online meeting to understand your requirements.  InterWeave Smart Solutions, providing Integration Solutions that helps your team work Smarter.


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