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InterWeave Salesforce and Financial Integration

Salesforce and Financial Application Integration with Desktop, Online and Cloud Accounting Solutions through the InterWeave SmartSolutions platform

The InterWeave Salesforce to QuickBooks Solution integrates the QuickBooks accounting system by means of InterWeave SMARTSolutions, a comprehensive SaaS Integration Platform, providing uni- or bi-directional integration of data. 

Use cases:

With InterWeave SmartSolutions, you can have a customized integration solution for applications, like WooCommerce, that integrate all standard QuickBooks objects (Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Invoices, Estimates, Jobs, Items), with Salesforce objects (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products, Cases).

Key features:

  • Uni or bi-directional integration at object level
  • Create and update QuickBooks Customers, Sales Orders, Invoices and Products from Salesforce.
  • Create or update Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Products in Salesforce based on data in Customers, Invoices, Sales Orders, and other relevant fields in QuickBooks.
  • Accounts Payable and General Accounting features for Bills, Checks, Deposits, Account (COA), Journals, Vendor Credits and more are available in Salesforce.
  • All QuickBooks history, like Invoices, payment history, etc. is available in Salesforce.
  • Configurable options allowing you to change / select new integration configurations at object level.
  • Error Management and Monitoring, Connection Monitoring, Log Viewer and automatic email or IM notification if error detected.


The integration is implemented by means of the InterWeave SmartSolutions platform and could be customized through Integration Manager Console — user friendly UI that lets you decide how often your applications should integrate.


Standard Support is included with Solution. Smart+Support is optional and may be added at any time. Support is provided by InterWeave in accordance with SmartSupport Success Plans

InterWeave Salesforce to QuickBooks Small Business     $1499/year

InterWeave Salesforce to QuickBooks Enterprise             $2199/year

InterWeave Salesforce to QuickBooks Ultimate                $2999/year

Bundled pricing is available if you include other InterWeave Solutions.

Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.

To learn more about how the InterWeave can support your particular business, please contact us at 800-671-8692, or email

Salesforce to QuickBooks Solution
Solution:   Salesforce to QuickBooks
Version:    7.0 and up
Platform:  InterWeave
Your InterWeave SMARTSolutions Support Personnel will work with you to establish and configure your SaaS, Hosted Solution integrating your Salesforce with your QuickBooks.